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Type of Eye Camps

In the monotony of everyday life, some of the times our eyes get neglected to a point of no return. It is easily one of the greatest fears that people from every walk of life face. ABC Chasmewale realises this predicament that most face and have suitably come up with the concept of eye-camps in organisations like schools, housing cooperatives and corporate institutions. A team of best optometrists and executives have been specifically trained so that eye-camps can be arranged with seamless success. Get your eyes checked so that problems related to them if any can then be dealt with, quickly and conveniently.

Eye camps for Corporate & Companies

Allow us to organise for your company eye camps that can take care of the vision needs of your employees. It has been very successful in the past and participant companies have greatly benefitted from it. It takes no more than one phone call or one e-mail and you can have expertise knocking at your doors. The eye camp can be easily set up in your desired premise and we promise attendance of talented optometrists and experienced executives who can help and assist your employees to understand their vision challenges for better efficiency.

Eye camps for School & Universities

Eye camps felicitated by ABC can be successfully organised at various educational institutions. It is true that vision errors in children of various age groups generally go undetected if the symptoms do not quite present at the onset. Also, children in school come from different strata and varying socio-economic groups owing to which they may not be able to afford such an opportunity. An impromptu preliminary eye test can bring forth any abnormality in their vision and make them more aware of their vision challenges.

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